gitlab 中的各种 token

Private Tokens
GitLab 10.2 移除。每个账号可配置一个。

Personal Access Tokens
GitLab 8.8 支持。每个账号可配置多个。

Impersonation Tokens
GitLab 9.0 支持。由管理员为特定账号生成的 Personal access tokens

Deploy Tokens
GitLab 10.7 支持。每个仓库可配置多个,使用方式类似用户名和密码。
git clone

Deploy Keys

CI Job Token
GitLab 8.12 支持。每个 Job 可配置一个,使用方式类似用户名和密码。
git clone https://gitlab-ci-token:${CI_JOB_TOKEN}

CI Runner Token
GitLab 8.12 之前。每个仓库可配置一个,使用方式类似用户名和密码。

在 CentOS 7 搭建 gitlab-ce

一、配置 gitlab 的 yum 源

二、安装依赖,并在系统防火墙进行 HTTP 和 SSH 配置


四、添加 gitlab 包仓储

五、安装 gitlab


Rendering on the Web



  • SSR: Server-Side Rendering – rendering a client-side or universal app to HTML on the server.
  • CSR: Client-Side Rendering – rendering an app in a browser, generally using the DOM.
  • Rehydration: “booting up” JavaScript views on the client such that they reuse the server-rendered HTML’s DOM tree and data.
  • Prerendering: running a client-side application at build time to capture its initial state as static HTML.


  • TTFB: Time to First Byte – seen as the time between clicking a link and the first bit of content coming in.
  • FP: First Paint – the first time any pixel gets becomes visible to the user.
  • FCP: First Contentful Paint – the time when requested content (article body, etc) becomes visible.
  • TTI: Time To Interactive – the time at which a page becomes interactive (events wired up, etc).

Rendering on the Web